Authorization Esta online

Whether by air or even sea , any traveler wishing to travel to the U.S. 
To do this, it is possible to access the form online and fill it out online.
The online site for the ESTA is the Electronic System for Travel autorization.

It is imperative to apply for an ESTA online, the site offers this service entirety and in a time reccord . It is necessary to make an honest statement and answer to the qustions as accurately as possible in order to avoid c refusal on boarding. The U.S. is indeed particularly picky .
The traveler will indeed have to meets the criteria for admission on American soil (like the form I-94W )

The request of an ESTA autorisation in order to travel ; although it is possible to do it via internet at any time, it has be made early enough ( at least 72 hours in advance). You should know that the response to any request is usually done within a few minutes and comes from the system of electronic travel authorization DHS (Department of Homeland Security).
Small feature, the ESTA form is worded in English.
Several scenarios can occur:

1 – Permission granted , in this case the traveler can safely consider his journey.
2 – Permission denied , then the traveler must seek a U.S. Embassy via a temporary visa to be able to set foot on American soil.
3 – Authority said pending for various reasons this scenario may arise, but the applicant can follow the progress of the file directly on the ESTA website and definitive answer favorable or not it will be provided within a maximum of 72 hours.
It is also good to know that an ESTA application is valid only for a period of two years, except in special cases , such as a cancellation, expiration dates passport .
For cons , the authorization remains valid for “multiple entries ” in the USA and it will be very easy for the holder to proceed via the ESTA website online to various modifications of their choice, as a change of destination or route.

Warning ! The ESTA , does nothing to guarantee the holder a systematic admission at border posts. It authorizes boarding only as mentioned above by sea or air .
For more information or just in case of doubt , it will be wise to contact The Esta website , or answers to all the questions that may arise will be dealt service.

Finally, be aware that the ESTA is mandatory to enter the U.S.