ESTA: Fast and convenient solution

ESTA or “Electronic System for Travel Authorization” is a system designed by the United States to filter foreign visitors wishing to go to America. ESTA, which is available exclusively on the Internet, has an ESTA online form. The traveler wishing to apply for ESTA authorization must complete this ESTA form online.

Four steps to remember

The four major steps leading to the submission of the application for authorization to travel to the United States are: to complete the application, that is to say, complete the form and submit it, make payment of fees online to using a valid credit card, record the number of the application and receive a response. Once the application is submitted online, an almost immediate response is provided in most cases. Comparing the speed of the response is provided unlike the normal visa, the ESTA is a solution that is both convenient and fast. Anyone can apply at home and receive a reply as soon as possible.
Know the difference between ESTA & VISA.


What information is required to complete the ESTA form?

The traveler must provide personal information including name, date of birth, country of birth, address, among others, but also the information on his passport. Then he has to answer questions, “Yes” or “No”. These questions concern information about his journey through the visa waiver program, among other things, criminal records, communicable diseases, and the history of denial of visa. Finally, the traveler will be providing data of his credit card to make the payment of the costs involved and finalize the ESTA application.

What if the travel authorization is denied?

If an application for travel authorization is denied, the traveler must apply for a visa at the American embassy or an American Consulate. Without this document, it is impossible for anyone to make a trip to the United States.