What is the ESTA form?

Since 12 January 2009, the government of the United States has implemented a licensing system to travel for all nationals of recipient countries of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization which results in electronic travel authorization system. This is an intelligence system used by the Department of Homeland Security of the United States. This project was set up to filter prior travelers, without complicating the task of the trip. Thus, to apply for an authorization for a trip to the USA under the VWP, simply go online and fill in out the ESTA form online for the admission to the United States without having to obtain a visa.


More details on the ESTA form

The form has several sections: identifying the traveler and passport use a series of questions related to the travel in the United States and judicial history and relative health of the traveler. The form is available in several languages, including French and it is important to read and understand in order to avoid mistakes in the filling. Once the form is completed, you will make a payment via credit card to complete your application for the authorization. The information provided by the traveler will therefore be reviewed and verified systematically. It is advisable to request 72 hours before departure, although a response is given within seconds of submitting the application. A reference number is provided and it is also advisable to keep reference number.

What response to expect?

• Authorization approved. This means that the travel is approved

• Travel Not Authorized. In this case, the traveler must obtain a non immigrant visa for the usa from the American Embassy before traveling to the United States

• Authorization in progress. The application has not been accepted or rejected. The traveler should expect to receive a final response within 72 hours.