Esta formalities for travel in United States

A few years back, to plan a journey to American from France, it was necessary to obtain a visa from the embassy. Today , the procedures have evolved. But there is the requirement for a biometric passport or electronic valid and have received an ESTA authorization.

This authorization is for all travelers who are exempt from a visa application.
Why travelers should connect to the esta free website and complete the online paying due taxes form?
It is an application form that replaces the small index card that was handed during travel on airplanes. This is a mandatory electronic authorization . It is also for children.
This travel authorization request must be made well in advance , at least 72 hours before departure.

This is the internal security of the U.S. government that has implemented these formalities. This system is used to screen passengers and seriously it has been proven .

This system is also easier way for the travelers to apply and they will appreciates the easy steps. Especially since he is looking for a cheap flight , and it is often at the last moment. It therefore you need a rapid response.


Why an application form ?

This application for the form is to be done by the passenger himself. It is a free website . The form is used to learn about the traveler, he must provide all contact information , date of birth, reason for travel .

All persons wishing to go on American soil are required to answer all questions asked online even those related to contagious diseases, criminal and even the reason for possible exclusion.

The government manage he official site, the response is almost immediate .
If the answer is negative, the traveler can still apply for a nonimmigrant visa at a U.S. embassy in France, Gran Britain, Canada, or others countries .

If the answer is pending, the traveler can check the progress of his case on the Internet. He will have his answer within 72 hours.

If permission is granted, it is valid for two years.
The application form is a payed application on the site handles all the paperwork . This is a small price for a period of twenty- four months.