Official application Esta

You want to go on holiday in the United States ? In this case, unless in possession of a green card or a visa , you must apply and obtain a form ESTA in order to visit the United States. How does the request an ESTA application work ? What is the delay to expect before you leave? All practical answers to the questions you ask are in this article.

application onlineEsta application , what is it?

ESTA is a form that is required to arrive on American soil . This acronym refers to the so called Electronic System for Travel Authorization application form . Even if you are only in transit on the U.S floors to go to another destination , you must have made the request decause of the evantual risk that you are denied entry into the country. This autorisation is mandatory since January 2009.

How to apply ESTA ?

Make an ESTA application is quick and easy . Just go to the official website of the U.S. government and fill in your personal information . This approach is individual and can not be outsourced.
By visiting the official website of the U.S. government, a request is made in minutes . Simply fill out a form and validate, the answer is you usually sent in less than a minute. If you have a printer , you can directly printout your authorization. If you do not have one, you can receive it at your mailing address. Please note, delivery times are on average a week by postal mail. It is not possible to obtain a single authorization valid for the whole family . Each family member must complete a form individual.
An ESTA is valid for two years and is renewed only in the in the inventuality of a change of passport. This unique form will allow you to travel anywhere in the United States as many times as you wish. The price of this application is around $60 and $80 which can be paid directly at the time of entry of the application form by credit card.